​Hey there Online Beauty Bosses! When it comes to Facebook I’m pretty sure you’re all very familiar on how to post images and videos on to your personal profile & business pages, and more than likely you’re using Avon Social to schedule and post your images as well. That’s good!

Avon Social has been a real help and I encourage you to continue using it but at the same time I also encourage you to every now and then go beyond Avon Social and try to mix things up a bit.

It’s easy to get in a rut when all we’re doing is selecting images and scheduling post to the Avon Social Calendar. And though scheduling is a great time saver there isn’t much room for customization or creativity and that’s important.

Watch This Video for complete details on:
​How To Maximize Your Facebook Posts For More ​Clicks!

This video has been edited from a previous Facebook Live over at the OnlineBeautyBosses facebook Group.

​So in this “How-To” we’re going to go a little more in-depth on how to post your images more strategically. We’ll talk about how to get the most out of your Facebook posts and how to maximize them for more clicks.

After all, the goal of “social selling” is to ultimately get customers to click on over to your online store so the more opportunities your posts offers the better. So stepping outside the Avon Social box and getting more creative with your Avon posts can help increase your chances in accomplishing this.


​At the same time, we still want to refrain from bombarding our followers with only Avon Ads and spamming them to death, LOL!  That’s why it’s important when we do post our Avon content it’s MAXIMIZED for more click opportunities. Doing so will make your post more effective in achieving that goal.


​With that all said, today we’ll be going over how to maximize your posts with clickable Facebook images, mixed media, Facebook Offers as well as other creative ways to create attention grabbing posts. For more in-depth details and examples make sure to watch the above video.

Facebook Image Carousel


​First let’s talk about the Facebook Carousel. You may already be familiar with this feature, I actually use it quite a bit and find I get more engagement with this feature but I also try to use it strategically. So rather than loading random images, I plan out a theme and add images accordingly.

Features of the Facebook Carousel

  • ​You can load multiple images and viewers can swipe to advance to the next image
  • Each image can have its own custom link so you can take viewers to your Avon online store that corresponds to the image.
  • ​Each image can have its own custom description
  • ​The image carousel is only available on Facebook pages.

​I found the carousel is a great way to share the current Avon Catalog. You can upload images of all the brochures including the outlet and special flyers and create a link to each. Now your customers have easy access to ALL your online brochures.

For more info, examples and how to create a Facebook Carousel make sure to watch the above video.

UPDATE April 2020:  Since the above was video was published, Facebook moved the Carousel Feature again!!  Just visit this link ​for info on How To Access The Facebook Carousel

Facebook Image Formats


​Another way to maximize your Facebook post is to take advantage of the way Facebook displays images. We all know how to post an image and more than likely you’ve also posted multiple images to a post as well.

You might think posting multi-image posts aren’t really a big deal and you can even do this in your Avon Social. But did you know that with some creativity and thought out planning you can optimize these posts for potentially more clicks? By creating a themed image layout your image posts will look more intentional and intriguing, encouraging potential customers to make the leap over to your online store.

In the video above you’ll find examples on ways you can plan your image layout with 2, 3 and 4 images along with a few posting ideas.

In addition to taking advantage of the image layout you’ll also want to utilize the image description space Facebook offers to add more info about the image along with your eStore link. I’ve noticed that Avon Reps often miss out on this area.

So when we talk about maximizing and optimizing your Facebook posts, taking advantage of this area should not be overlooked as it allows more opportunity for your viewers to make that click.

Multi image posts can be used on Personal Profiles, Pages and Groups and display the same way throughout.

Facebook Mixed Media Posts


​For even more attention grabbing posts incorporating video along with images that support the video can be a real “Scroll Stopper”!

Mixed Media posts are only available on personal profiles at this time but once you post it you can share it to your pages and groups as long as you make the post public.

As you create the post all you have to do is upload both your video and images together and Facebook will do the rest. You can load more than one video and image. I find that square images seem to layout better but you can experiment with different size images to see what works best for your post.

Once your images and video are posted, make sure to again take advantage of the description area on both the images and video to allow more opportunities for that click. For examples and ideas on Mixed Media post just watch the above video.

Creating Facebook Offers

​Facebook Offers can be used to share your Featured Avon Sales and Free Shipping promo codes. You can add a clickable promo code that goes directly to your online store as well as set an expiration date. When the customer “Saves” the offer, Facebook will send them a notification that the offer is about to expire.

Offers work best when boosted (paid ad) or shared in other groups. If you’re promoting a coupon code, then adding the code to the actual link so it’s automatically added to the shopping cart is also helpful.

For tips on how to add a coupon code to your Avon eStore Links just visit this link to view the Online Beauty Bosses ” How To Add A Coupon Code To Your Avon Links

One last tip, keep in mind these can all be used in addition to your Avon Social posts. The main thing is to try to mix things up.

Sometimes when were busy working our Avon business and pressed for time it’s easier to just go through the motions without really putting any thought into the post or taking advantage of the areas where we can maximize our posts .

So going forward, try to mix things up. If you find yourself going through the motions try to get more intentional about your posts and think about:

  1. 1
    ​How you can group images together
  2. 2
    ​How your post can grab more attention when scrolled through the feed
  3. 3
    ​What are you trying to share
  4. 4
    ​What kind of layout will convey your message the best.

​Well, I hope you have found these tips helpful and have inspired you to think more creatively about your Facebook posts.

If you’re already using some of these Facebook features go ahead and leave your comments and share with us how they worked out for you. I also want to know if any of these ideas are new to you and if you plan on trying them out.

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