Hey Online Beauty Bosses!  Have you been thinking about starting your Leadership Journey with Avon but don’t know where to start?  Then creating an Avon Opportunity Video might be your answer.

YOU have a story to tell and what better way than sharing your own Avon journey and experience to inspire others to “Say Yes To Avon”!

In the following video we’ll go over:

  • How to Create an Avon Opportunity Video Presentation With Slides
       FYI: This method can be used for ANY topic (not just an Opportunity Video) for Customers and Leadership!
  •  What to Say in Your Video
  • Where and How to Share Your Video

Watch This Video for complete details on:
How To Create An Avon Opportunity Video

This video is an excerpt of my personal segment taken from Avon’s Live Event “In Focus Workshop” (March 2021).  To View the entire Avon In Focus Workshop video click here.

Avon Opportunity Video (example)

This is the Avon Opportunity video I created a few years back.  Since then Avon has updated their program so I no longer use it to recruit but you're welcome to view it for ideas when creating your own Opportunity Video.  

I hope  you find it helpful!

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