How To Access Facebook’s Photo Carousel


Hey Online Beauty Bosses, thought I’d give you an update on Facebook’s Photo Carousel.

Facebook has a tendency to move things around and the Photo Carousel seems to be one of those features that's always getting relocated. It’s still available you just need to know where to find it.

Originally the photo carousel was easily accessed when creating a regular page post, then Facebook took it away for a while, then brought it back, then moved it all together! Like, make up your mind Facebook!!

So in this Step-by-Step “How To” we’ll go over where to find it. There are actually 2 places!

Now you may already be familiar with the Facebook Carousel, but if not here some of the features that make it so appealing:

  • You can load multiple images and viewers can swipe to advance to the next image
  • Each image can have its own clickable link so you can take viewers to your Avon online store that corresponds to the image.
  • Each image can have its own custom description
  • The image carousel is only available for Facebook pages.

As mentioned there are two places you can find this feature. Both can be found on Desktop.

I haven’t been able to find the feature on “Mobile”, so if anyone does come across it on mobile please share with us!

The first place you should be able to access the carousel is over on your Facebook Business Page.

Access From Your Facebook Page

On desktop go to your page and on the top of the page click where it says “More” then click “Publishing Tools”.

Access Facebook Carousel From Your Page

​Then from there you’ll click the “CREATE POST” button and select the “PHOTO/VIDEO” option.

​From there just scroll to find the Carousel feature.

​Now the second way to access the Carousel is through Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Access From Facebook Creator Studio


Facebook Creator is a desktop app that allows you to post and schedule to your Facebook Pages as well as schedule posts to Instagram. Currently it’s only available on Desktop.

For more info on Facebook Creator you can view the Online Beauty Bosses article:
 How To Schedule Your Avon Instagram Posts!

To access the carousel go to Creator Studio at then select the “CREATE POST” button.

​Click on the page you want to post to (if you have more than one Facebook page) then select the “MULTIMEDIA” post option.

​. . . and choose the “Create A Photo Carousel” option.

Create A Carousel

Now today we’ve only discussed where to find the Carousel feature but for tips and ideas on how to use it check out the article & video in “ How To Maximize Your Avon Facebook Posts For More eStore Clicks

That’s it for now Bosses, just wanted to give you an update as using the Carousel is a great way to showcase your Avon!

Dianne Hernnadez

Hi, I'm Dianne Hernandez, I’ve been an Independent Avon Representative since 2010. I'm a National Top Seller and specialize in online sales. I hope you find the tips & strategies that have helped me grow my online business helpful and inspiring.