Hey Online Beauty Bosses! Let’s talk about Instagram! In the Online Beauty Bosses group I posted a poll asking how many of you use Instagram? The results were that many of you are using the platform, with some not quite sure what to do with it but many of you have incorporated it into your social media toolbox .

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​How To Schedule Your Avon Instagram Posts!

This video has been edited from a previous Facebook Live over at the OnlineBeautyBosses facebook Group.

With that said, although I’ve had an Instagram account since 2015 I can’t say I’ve actually embraced Instagram as much as I should, especially knowing it’s one of the most popular platforms out there. But, that’s because there were some things I found that weren’t so easy to get around.


One, not being able to schedule posts was one big drawback, also not being able to post from my computer was another issue as I do a lot of my editing on my laptop. So, having to send my content over to my mobile device either by email or my Google Drive was just an added layer of things to do.


The other issues I had was sharing video. You could only post a video less than one minute onto your feed. Then when IGTV came around videos could only be displayed in the vertical format, which most of my videos were created in the horizontal direction that allows more of the subject to display on the screen.


But, now that’s changed! Instagram recently rolled out new features that now allow us to schedule posts as well as use our computers to post!

Now currently, these features aren’t available directly in Instagram platform but there are third party apps that accommodate these features.

Some apps require a paid membership to access all the new Instagram capabilities and others offer free subscriptions but the free features are limited. They limit the amount of post you can schedule and the depending on the type of post it may not be truly scheduled but rather a reminder notification will pop up reminding you to post!

. . . and that brings us to our discussion for today.

There is an App or rather a website, that allows you to access these new features as well as cross post from your Facebook account to your Instagram! This is also a new feature, because before we could only cross post from Instagram to Facebook.

So what site am I talking about? More than likely you’re already using this website in fact if you’re reading this Facebook Note you’re already on it! This App is FACEBOOK CREATOR

Facebook Creator Studio has been around for a while but with the updated features it’s become much more valuable and easier to use!


To access Facebook Creator Studio all you have to do is type www.Facebook.com/CreatorStudio. Facebook Creator studio is only available on a desktop or laptop browser as there isn’t a mobile app available.

It’s basically designed for those who create their content on their computers and helps eliminate the extra step from having to transfer videos and images to the mobile device to post to Instagram.


Basically an easier solution allowing you to schedule your Instagram posts, upload videos to your Instagram feed & IGTV as well as cross post from Facebook to Instagram.

With that said, in the above Video at the top of the page, we’ll talk about how to take advantage of these new features thru Facebook Creator as well as a few general tips on posting to Instagram. O.K Online Beauty Bosses hope you find creator studio handy for you Avon business.

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