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Today we’re going to talk about one of the most powerful online selling tool you have as an Avon Representative, your Avon eBrochure!

We all know the important role our Avon Brochure plays for our face to face sales.

In fact, more than likely when people learn you are an Avon Rep the next thing they’ll ask is if you have a catalog. And being the Beauty Boss that you are, you probably will! Because we all know the key to growing your business is to ALWAYS be prepared!

That little book you have there in your hand is an Avon icon, and when promoted effectively, it has the power to bring new customers, which in turn will grow your business making you more money!

You could think of your Avon Catalog as your own portable traveling store! So finding ways to promote it will definitely help increase your traditional sales.


But how about if you’re focusing on growing your Avon business online? Is there a way to promote your Avon eBrochure? And is it just as important?

Well I say, Yes and YES!

In fact, promoting your Avon Catalog online will not only reach more customers but it’s also a very cost effective way to promote your business if you’re on a very tight budget. As a matter of fact being on a tight budget was one of the reasons I began selling online back in 2011, in addition to moving away from all my customers. So, I had to think of a long term solution to avoid that scenario from happening again.

I had to get customers used to viewing my Avon eBrochure online and convince them this was the new and best way to go.

So whenever someone would ask me "Where Can I Buy Avon Products?" or requested a brochure I'd explain to them I was an eRepresentative and I'd direct them to my Avon online Brochure.

I also gave them a list of reasons why shopping the eBrochure was beneficial!

· 24 hour online access,

· They are always viewing the latest catalog

· They don’t have to wait for me to deliver it.

· Click and shop in your PJ’s convenience

· It’s environmentally friendly and so on.

Now 11 years later, over 11,000 online customers throughout the US, shop from my Avon eBrochure and they are happy doing so without me ever having to personally hand out or mail a brochure!

So, if you’ve ever wondered if going paperless can be done, I can confidently say YES! It can if you choose to go this route! It takes a lot of consistency but it can be done!

You can do this several ways and the more ways you promote your online brochure the better.  I’ll mention the easiest and probably the most popular among us reps first, and that’s posting from your Avon Social Media Center.

The majority of you probably already know about this but for the New Representatives out there, this may be the first you’ve heard of it.

Creating Your Own Unique eBrochure Posts

To create your own unique eBrochure posts there are a couple of things you’ll need to do first before you start sharing on the different social media platforms.

First we’ll start with getting the link to your eBrochure over at your Avon eStore. See the video below.

Linking To Your Avon eBrochure

One mistake I see often from reps trying to promote their eBrochure is they send customers to their Avon Home page rather than the online brochure itself. To make it easy for your customers you’ll want to send them directly to your eBrochure page.

1) Go to your own Avon eStore

2) Click the Shop Brochure link to view the brochure.

3) Once you’re on the page you can copy the URL at the top.

The link to your main eBrochure page will always be the same even when Avon updates to a new campaign. But if you want to share a specific page of the brochure or the other Avon Flyers as shown in the video, you’ll need to copy the new link every campaign as those links will change when the campaign updates.

Creative Ideas for Brochure Images

Post Your own Avon eBrochure Images

Be Your Own Photographer!

Take your own pictures of the catalog alone or with products featured from that campaign. Just lay it flat on the floor or table and position your camera straight above it to take the shot. Make sure you have good lighting and the image is focused.

Take a Selfie With Your Avon Catalog.

As simple as this sounds snapping a picture of yourself posing with your current catalog will bring a personal element to your social media posts and more than likely get a lot of interaction. Make sure to wear Avon jewelry and fashion, put on some Avon Lipstick and WORK IT! Change up your poses and background for every campaign.

To edit your brochure image you can use Free Editing software: Pixlr.com



Now that you have your links and images you can share them onto social media!

Click Here For PART 2: How to Promote Your Avon eBrochure Online 
In Part 2 We talk about promoting your Avon eBrochure using the images and links you just created! 

If you found these tips helpful feel free to Comment, Like, and Share with other Avon Reps who might find this helpful.

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If you found these tips helpful feel free to Comment, Like, and Share with other Avon Reps who might find this helpful.

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