​Hello Online Beauty Bosses!In past Online Beauty Bosses “How-To’s” the primary focus has been on selling through your Avon eStore but today I thought we would talk about another aspect of our Avon Business, which is sharing the Avon Opportunity Online.It’s very similar to promoting your Avon eStore and the same social media methods you use to attract online customers, can also be used to attract Avon Leads. But instead of sharing the link to your eStore you would share the link to your Avon Opportunity page.So here is the question . . .

What link should you use? And how can you make sure your online prospects are attached to you when they sign up?

​Well, we have a few options and we’ll go over them in a minute but regardless which link you use, when your new prospect submits the Opportunity Form your Avon Reference Code should be attached to it. Without this code Avon won’t know who the New Representative should be attached to.More than likely, most of you already know your reference code but for the benefit of those who are new to Avon and looking to start leadership, your Avon Reference Code is basically your Avon eStore ID, which is the last part of your eStore web address:

Enter yo* If you don’t know what your eStore id is you can find it over at your Avon Dashboard at the top of every page.ur text here...


​As mentioned, without this reference code your prospects will not get attached to you and won’t be added to your team when they sign up to become an Avon Rep. Now back to the question . . . 

Which link should you share to make sure your prospects are connected to you?

​1) You can use Avon’s generic www.StartAvon.com and instruct prospects to enter your reference code themselves.

Or . . . .

2) You can use this link: YoureStoreName.AvonRepresentative.com/Opportunity that has your reference code already built-in so your prospect won’t have to enter it. 

Avon reference-code-Link

Here Are The Pros And Cons For Each.

Using Link Option #1 where leads enter in your reference code over at: www.StartAvon.com

No reference

This link will guarantee your new lead will be attached to you even if they have completed the form on another reps opportunity page or was a representative in the past (their last order must be over 12 months).

1) You’ll need to let prospects know they have to enter the code. This could be confusing especially if you’re trying to promote the Avon Opportunity online with a link.

2) You’ll need to trust they enter your code. Some people might think if they don’t enter a reference code they won’t have to be signed up under a mentor. If they sign up without a reference code Avon will assign the lead but more than likely it won’t be you.

3) If your reference code is long, hard to remember or prone to typos, your prospects could enter the wrong code.

Using Link Option #2 Where your personal reference code is built-in the link:  YoureStoreName.AvonRepresentative.com/Opportunity


1) Using this code is the easiest way to direct prospects to your Avon Opportunity page as your reference code is already built in. There’s no need to enter it in the form.

2) You’ll know for sure the reference code is entered in correctly

3) There’s no need to add additional instructions to enter the reference code when providing your link.

1) If the prospect previously completed the Opportunity Form on another Avon Reps page they may get attached to that rep instead of you.

2) If the lead was an Avon Representative in the past, even if it’s been over a year, they may get attached to the past mentor.

3) The link is long and ugly. To get around this you can use a link shortener or purchase a custom URL that will forward to your opportunity page.

Click here for tips on How to Use & Setup A Forwarding Web Address For Your Avon eStore or Opportunity Page

As you can see there are pros and cons for each, so you’ll need to consider both and decide which benefits outweigh the other.

If you’re in contact with your lead, then asking them if they’ve ever been an Avon Rep or have inquired before can be helpful.

If they say YES, you can send them to the StartAvon.com link and instruct them to enter your reference code.If they say NO then send them the link with your personal reference code built in.
Now, even if after you consider the pros and cons of each link and your prospect still ends up getting attached to another rep, don’t panic just yet, they can still call Avon to request a re-assignment as long as it’s within five days.

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