​Hey Online Beauty Bosses in a past "How-To" we’ve gone over “How To Create A Simple Facebook Giveaway”.  But, in today’s “How-To” we’re going to dive deeper into the topic of online giveaways and talk about ways you can step up your giveaways to increase more followers, activity and ultimately your Avon Online sales.

If you haven’t offered an Avon Giveaway  you might want to consider giving it a try as they can really help grow your Avon business if planned out and done strategically.

Watch This Video for complete details on:
​How To Get The Most Out Of Your Avon Online Giveaways

This video has been edited from a previous Facebook Live over at the OnlineBeautyBosses facebook Group.

​I’ve been hosting online giveaways right from the get go.  In fact, my first online giveaway was back in 2011 and it helped me build my Facebook followers. 

Back then you needed at least 25 “Fans” in order to get a custom URL for Facebook pages so I messaged my closest friends & family and asked them if they would “Like” my page as a personal favor.  In return I would enter them into my Avon Giveaway.   It worked!

Then there after, I held more giveaways to reach my 100, 200, 300  Facebook Fan milestones as well as grow my other social media following using different giveaway methods.  But most importantly . . . without having to ask my friends & family anymore!

So in this “How-To” we’ll talk about some of the methods I used back then, and still use today.
We’ll also go over:

  • ​How to get the most out of your Avon Social Sweeps.
  • ​How to step up your giveaway efforts with third party apps.
  • ​How to get more likes, shares & referrals.
  • ​How to choose a budget friendly prize.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Avon Sweeps

Avon Sweeps

​You may already be familiar with Avon’s hosted giveaways found over at Avon Social and hopefully you’re taking advantage of this free tool Avon offers us Reps.

Now, if you’re new to Avon Sweeps, I won’t be going over how to use them in this “How-To” as you can a find tutorial at Avon Social over at your AvonNow dashboard but we will be going over some tips on how to get the most out of your Avon Sweeps after the giveaway has ended to maximize your efforts.

So first here are a few tips on where to promote your Avon Sweeps. You’ll also want to make sure to watch the above video for more detailed information.

How To Promote Your Avon Sweeps

​Promoting your giveaway will help you get more exposure, which could result in more potential customers!  So make sure to share your Avon Sweeps giveaway everywhere you can.

Now this next step is super important and you’ll want to make sure to do this because this is going to help you continue to reach those potential customers!

Avon Sweeps Important Steps

​Don’t Miss this Important Step:

Once the giveaway is over, make sure to IMPORT the people who entered and opted-in to receive Avon emails into your Avon Address book!

This is a must and super important, because once you add them to your Avon address book they’ll start receiving special offers from Avon on your behalf!

This will keep you front & center on their mind and it may prompt them to shop at your online store!  So make sure you do this immediately after the giveaway ends.

For step-by-step  instructions on how to import your Avon Sweeps list to your Avon Address Book make sure to watch the above video.

How To Step Up Your Giveaways With 3rd Party Apps

​Ok, so now that you’re up and running with Avon Social Sweeps, promoting them everywhere and taking advantage of the prospect list it’s generating, you might want to think about stepping up your Giveaway efforts with a 3rd Party App.

If you want more exposure, get more personal with your customers or promote a product that you absolutely love and want to get the word out then hosting your own giveaway is the way to go.

Here are some Benefits in using a 3rd Party Giveaway App:

  • ​​You can get more creative with the giveaway with the prizes you offer and the content you want to share.
  • ​Participants can take more actions that can help you grow your online presence.· Your giveaway has the potential to go more viral.
  • ​The giveaway is a lot more personal

Most 3rd Party Giveaway Apps have a free version available as this is the way they get you in hoping you’ll upgrade to the paid version later. But that isn’t necessary as you’re getting started.

Though the free versions are limited, the features offered are still enough to help you grow your list. Whether that be a list of social media followers or email list.

One thing to keep in mind about online giveaways, is that it’s all about growing that list because this potential list is going to help you gain more social media followers, share your content and also increase the views on your social media posts. I t might also ultimately gain you a new online customer.

With that said here is a list of FREE 3rd Party Giveaway Apps.  I’m sure there are others out there but these are the ones I’m more familiar with and highly recommend the free versions to get started.

In the video above you can get more info about the features they offer and how to get the most out of these free apps.





How to Select Your Giveaway Prizes

​Now if you decide to host your own giveaway you’ll need to provide your own prize and depending on your budget will determine how much you’ll want to spend on your prize.

The prize doesn’t have to be expensive in fact you’d be surprised on how much participation you can get just with a lipstick!  So don’t feel bad if you can’t spend that much.  People like free, regardless what it is.  As long as you can make it exciting, express why it’s such a great prize and promote it, you’ll get a good turnout.

When selecting the prize you’ll also want to take into consideration your total cost, which would include the prize, tax, & shipping.  This will help you stay within your budget.

For a budget friendly prize you can take a look at the Avon  Campaign Flyers.  You’ll find Beauty Bundles discounted at a really good price and when you add your Avon discount it will be an even better deal.

The Avon Good Buys section (formerly known as the Outlet) is another great place to look as you’ll find discounted products under $10 & $5.

And then there’s the Avon What’s ​​where you can promote the prize as an “Exclusive Sneak Peak” to stir up even more excitement!

Promote the Retail Value of Your Prize

​Another thing to keep in mind.  When you promote your prize you’ll want to promote the actual retail value.  Forget about the brochure price or your discounted cost. You want people to know ​how much the prize is actually worth! This will also help stir up excitement about the prize.

For more tips on selecting your giveaway prize make sure to check out the above video.  Plus here are the links to the other “How-To’s” referenced in the video.

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So there you go Online Beauty Bosses, I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful and are inspired to start offering your own Avon Giveaways!   If you have questions feel free to leave your question over at the Online Beauty Bosses Group for more in depth discussion.

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