How To Have An Avon Facebook Giveaway


​How to Host a Simple & Easy Facebook Giveaway for your Avon Customers

Hello Online Beauty Bosses!

Are you looking for ways to engage your current customers?

Get more exposure to new customers?

Increase your page fan base & followers,

. . . and of course increase more online sales?

Then here is a simple and easy way to do a Facebook giveaway that can help accomplish these goals.

Offering an online giveaway is a great way to encourage current and potential customers to connect with you on social media, and it can also increase engagement for those who are already connected with you!

A perfect example is the little Giveaway we just had in our Online Beauty Bosses Group. The prize offered was only a $5 dollar gift card but offering a chance to win something for free was a great motivator and many of you were more than happy to post a comment for a chance to win!

Can you imagine the feedback you could get from your customers if they could win an Avon prize just for connecting with you and leaving a comment?

When I first became a representative offering giveaways helped build my customer base and Facebook following, and I still offer them today. It’s my way of thanking my current customers and introducing new customers to Avon. And customers appreciate I’m contacting them to offer something free instead of only trying to sell to them. So it builds relationships and trust because they know I appreciate their shopping with me.

When customers know you appreciate them they are more likely to shop with you. And if you’re offering a new product it will also generate excitement. 

How to have a facebook giveaway

So today I’m going to share how you can offer a simple Facebook giveaway to increase your Facebook followers and motivate offline customers to connect with you to increase your sales.

Selecting Your Prize

The prize can pretty much be any Avon product. One of my more successful giveaways was a Makeup Monday where I offered a new Avon Lipstick that was just introduced in the catalog. It was on sale for only $5.99 and the giveaway was held for only 1 day! But the engagement I got was as if I offered a $100 prize! It goes to show you how powerful an Avon lipstick can be!

Bath & Body bundles and Fragrance have also been popular with my customers and if you’re on a tight budget you can sometimes find these items at a great price in our What’s New Demo flyers.

Posting Your Giveaway On Facebook

Facebook Giveaway Prize

Once you select your prize you’ll need to post the giveaway onto your Facebook page. Now here is a tip I just learned from the giveaway we just had in our Online Beauty Bosses group.

In order for a giveaway widget to work, the post has to be in a PUBLIC profile or page! So even if you make a post public on your personal Facebook Profile, if your profile is set to private the widget won’t be able to pull up the post. Same goes for a private group. So your best bet is to host your giveaway on your Public Facebook Business Page.

Using your public Facebook page is also a better way to go so new potential customers who aren’t connected with you can also participate.

Your giveaway post should have an image of the prize offered and in the post you can write a description of the prize, how to enter and when the giveaway will end.

For a Facebook giveaway you’ll want to ask your participants to leave a comment. It’s up to you what you want them to comment about.

By simply leaving a comment they are automatically enrolled into your giveaway or a future promotion. It can be a question on a product, on a purchase, even asking them to take a guess, whatever you think is engaging, exciting and fun. Plus with any luck you will get plenty of Facebook referral shares because when they leave a comment their Facebook friends can also be notified they left a comment on your page!

Promoting Your Giveaway

How you promote your giveaway is important because that will determine how many participants you get!

To make it easy for customers to find your post and comment, providing a link to the actual post helps.

Here’s how to find the link to an individual Facebook post

1) Click the upside down triangle at the top right of the giveaway post

How To Find Link To Your Facebook Giveaway

​ 2) Select Embed

Finding the link to your Facebook giveaway

​3) Select Advanced Options

sharing your facebook Giveaway link

​4) Copy the link

​Now that you have the link to the individual post you can email it to all your current customers letting them know you have a giveaway going on and to visit your Facebook page to enter.

You can also cross promote your giveaway on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as all your other social media profiles. When you cross promote on other social profiles you’ll want to use the same image you used on your Facebook post and most importantly include the link to the post as well.

Now promoting your giveaway doesn’t have to only be online, you can also encourage your offline customers to enter by creating a flyer with a link to enter and insert it into your brochures.

To make the link to your Facebook post more user friendly you can use a link shortner like or Tiny URL or better yet, when you’re handing your brochures to new potential customers you can let them know you’re offering an online giveaway and ask them for their email so you can send them the link to the giveaway.

Selecting Your Winner

This is the fun part and I have two cool widgets you can use! Depending on the type of giveaway you offer will depend on how you select your giveaway.

  1. Name Picker Ninja This free app will select names randomly. All you need to do is plug your list into the app and press “GO”. Tips on how to use this app can be found in the Online Beauty Bosses “How to Get More Avon Customers to Connect with You on Facebook” article.

  2. Facebook Random Comment Picker This Free cool tool will randomly select a winner from all your post comments and it’s easy to use! You can take a look at the video on how to use.

Once you select your winner you can contact them through email and also post on your Facebook page. You can also ask them to post a picture of their prize when they receive it. And for those who didn’t win . . . you could offer a consolation discount offer for the same item(s), on a future sale, or whatever you think will work best.

Now this is just one way to offer an online giveaway, there are more advanced methods and tools out there that come with a cost and a higher learning curve but for now as they say, Nothing Beats FREE & EASY.

So let me ask you Online Beauty Bosses . . . have you had a giveaway before?

If so, whether online or offline, when it comes to giveaways, share what has worked for you! What ideas do you think could work using this simple and easy way through Facebook?

Best of luck on your next giveaway and feel free to share and comment below!

Dianne Hernnadez

Hi, I'm Dianne Hernandez, I’ve been an Independent Avon Representative since 2010. I'm a National Top Seller and specialize in online sales. I hope you find the tips & strategies that have helped me grow my online business helpful and inspiring.