How to Get More Avon Customers to Connect with You on Facebook


I’ve Exhausted My Facebook Family & Friends!  What Now? How Do I Get New Facebook Followers?

A while ago a question came up in ​the Online Beauty Bosses Facebook Group that instead of answering it right there on the post I thought it would be more helpful to promote it to a “How To” article so I could go into further detail.  

So, what if you DON’T have any followers yet?  Or you’ve exhausted your Facebook Friends list and you want to move out of your personal circle to increase your audience?

Well today we’ll touch on how to promote your Facebook Business Page and how to motivate new and current customers to “Like” or “Follow” your page.

Now whether you’ve just created a Facebook page and have zero followers or you’ve had it for a while either way these tips can help increase your followers!

How to Invite the Rest of the World to Like Your Page!

1. Personally Invite ALL Your Customers (Offline & Online)!
Send everyone on your customer list whether offline or online a text or email and let them know when they like your page they’ll be getting special offers, coupon announcements and personal tips on the latest Avon products. Plus, let them know when they like your page you will also enter them into a giveaway to win Free Avon Products, or other incentive to encourage a connection to your page.

2. Promote your Facebook Page on your Avon Brochures.
This is an easy way to spread out the Facebook Net to people you don’t know when you’re out tossing catalogs as well as your current customers.

How to promote your Avon Facebook Page

Attach a label to your brochure inviting new customers to like your page. Or if you’re handing them the brochure in person you can ask them to like your page on the spot through their mobile app, or ask them if you can text your Facebook link to them.

Online Beauty Bosses Bonus!
Download Customizable Facebook Labels Here!  How to Customize & Print Your Facebook Labels

Help Your Potential Followers Find Your Page.

Now just for clarification we are talking about a public Facebook Business page and not your personal profile or private group. To help your customers find your page, provide the link to your page like this www.Facebook .com/YourPageName or tell them to do a Facebook search by name @YourPageName. Make sure you test out both ways to verify the link works and or the @name does pull up your page.

Keeping Track of Your New Followers

As new and potential customers start visiting and “Liking” your page, Facebook will notify you. As you’re notified you can enter the names into a Text or Word file to build your “Name List”. This list will help you keep track of everyone who’s eligible for the Giveaway or incentive you’re offering.

You can also check your Facebook Settings to view the people who recently liked your page. What’s nice about this feature is it actually shows the date your page was liked, so if you’re running a promotion or giveaway you can reference the period your promotion was running and who liked your page during that time.

To view who has liked your page:

1. Click the “Settings” link at the top of the page.

How to see who liked your Facebook page

​2. Click the “People and Other Settings” link

View Facebook Likes

​3. Click the drop down menu and select “People Who Like Your Page”

Select People Who LIke Your Facebook Page

From there you can view your new likes and add them to your list.

Rewarding New Followers for Liking Your Page

Earlier I mentioned a giveaway, but you can offer just about anything depending on your budget, the main point is that you’re offering an incentive for people to connect with you.

Here are few incentives you could offer:

Offer a Discount or Free Shipping Promo Code

If you’re on a tight budget you could simply offer our 10% Promo Code WELCOME10 for online orders and offer the same discount to your offline customers. Just Facebook message each new follower with a Thank You message for following, along with the promo code.

Offer a Small Gift

If you’re targeting a small group like new offline customers, you can offer them a small inexpensive Avon gift like a sample bundle, lip balm, or hand cream. 

Reward Facebook Followers with a small incentive

Offer A Chance to Win FREE Avon!

Everyone likes getting free stuff and offering a chance to win something for free is a great motivator.

In a previous article I went over how to have a Facebook Comment Giveaway, but in this article it’s a bit different because we’re offering entries to everyone who connects with us so selecting a winner is a bit different.

You’ll want to add your new followers to a Text or Word list because you’ll be using this list to select your giveaway winner.

How to Randomly Select A Winner From Your New Follower List

1)  Go to

2)  Copy & Paste the names from your list into the Ninja Picker

3)  Click GO to get your winner!

For more engagement you can record your screen with the Jing App and share the results with your new followers!

Once you have selected your winner, you can Facebook message them to share the good news! Then post a congratulation image with the name of the winner on your page.

Ok online Beauty Bosses. Start putting the tips offered here today to use to start increasing your followers and customers!

Let me know how it goes! Are you seeing results? What have been some of your go to methods to bring in new followers?

Feel free to Like, Comment & Share if you found these tips helpful!

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