Hey Online Beauty Bosses!

Are you trying to drive more traffic to your Avon eStore to get more online sales? Then building your online presence and posting regularly is super important. But sometimes thinking of what to say can be a real challenge.

No worries I’ve got you covered! In this Social Media Planner you’ll find themed ideas for everyday of the week! Using this as a guide will help you easily plan your next Social Media post eliminating the “What Should I Post Today?” question! And we all know when something is easy the more likely we’ll be consistent at it. And consistency is key! 


You can post these daily themes with a #hashtag, or post your content without announcing the theme at all, it’s up to you. And if you really want to take your posting to the next level you can also use these themes for video or “Going Live”.

The potential of your posts are only limited to your creativity, so get those creative juices flowing, have fun, and if you come up with more daily themed ideas feel free to share them in the comments section below!

SUNDAY Themes:​

Skin Care Sunday / #SkinCareSunday

This would be a good day to feature Avon Skin Care!

1) Post an Avon Skin Care review

2) Post before & after pictures using specific Avon Skin Care Products

3) Offer Skin Care Tips & How To’s

4) Share an Avon Skin Care Special Offer or Sale from the current brochure

5) Ask customers to post their Avon skin care testimonies, favorites etc.

6) Host a Skin Care Sunday Giveaway offering an Avon Skin Care product.

Silly Sunday / #SillySunday

A modern version of the Sunday Funnies! Use this day to post funny BEAUTY memes, jokes, quotes or videos.

Super Sunday Specials / #SuperSundaySpecials

Share a super deal found in the current Avon catalog. This offer should be so good it makes you say WOW!

MONDAY Themes:

Makeup Monday / #MakeupMonday

Here are some ideas on how you can feature Avon Makeup. 1) Post a review on your favorite Avon makeup

2) Post a FOTD (Face Of The Day) picture of yourself featuring Avon Makeup

3) Share a great sale or makeup deal from the Avon catalog

4) Promote a new Avon shade or makeup item that just came out

5) Have a Makeup Monday giveaway offering Avon Makeup

Monday Matters / #MondayMatters

Share Avon news or events that will be coming up during the week or an update from the past weekend.  Topics you could talk about:
1) Invite local customers to a special event so they can stop by and say “hi” or participate. Whether it’s a vending event, fundraiser, Avon yard sale, or home party, etc. And don’t forget to send a reminder the day before .

2) Share a special offer you’re promoting exclusively for your customers during that campaign.

3) Post updates for days when orders will be going in or when you’ll be making deliveries etc.


Tips For Tuesday / #TipsForTuesday

You could share Tips or How-To Tutorials for your Avon Customers or Representatives on your team. They can be your own personal tips or shared from someone else. Types of tips to share:

1) Offer tips on how to use or select Avon products

2) Post How-To tutorials from YouTube

3) Share a tip on how to save on . . . (Avon Products)

4) Selling Tips or Leadership Tips for your team

Two For Tuesday / #TwoForTuesday

Share special Two For One or Buy Two Get One offers from the current campaign.

Try It Tuesday / #TryItTuesday

Offer Free Samples to all customers or for anyone who makes an Avon purchase on Tuesday.


Wash-up Wednesday / #WashupWednesday

This would be a great day to feature Avon Bath & Body products!

1) Feature an item you love or that just came out

2) Share a great deal on Bath & Body from the Avon Catalog

3) Have a Skin So Soft, Planet Spa or Avon Senses Giveaway

4) Ask for customer reviews on a specific Avon Bath & Body product

5) Share your own bath & body review

Wellness Wednesday / #WellnessWednesday

With Avon’s new Health & Wellness line Espira, this would be a great day to feature these products!

1) Post Espira product info

2) Share Testimonials from you & your customers

3) Share How To Choose or How To Use info

4) Share Espira promotional sales & deals from the Avon Catalog

5) Host a Wellness Wednesday Giveaway

Wacky Wednesday / #WackyWednesday

1) Post funny beauty memes

2) Funny stories from your Avon Rep Adventures

3) Silly Selfies etc.


Three Things Thursday / #ThreeThingsThursday

This can be easy and also fun! All you have to do is share three things!

1) Share THREE Avon product that work really well together (from any department)

2) Share your Top THREE Picks from the current campaign

3) Share THREE Avon stories that happened during the week.

4) Share THREE things you really loved this week

Thoughtful Thursday / #ThoughtfulThursday

Everyone loves to be inspired. Today would be a great day to:

1) Post an inspirational quote

2) Post an inspirational or motivational image.

3) Feature Avon Pink Ribbon items, Empowerment products or Inspirational pieces from Avon’s Jewelry Department.

4) Share a testimony about your Avon Business. How has it helped you (financially or personally).

5) Share about a recent Avon goal you’ve accomplished.

6) Share a future Avon goal you’re working on

7) Share milestone moments

8) Pay it forward

Thankful Thursday

Share stories, lists, quotes and reflections expressing what and why your thankful

Throwback Thursday / #ThrowbackThursday

Take an Avon walk down memory lane!

1) Post Before & After pictures using Avon products

2) Post pictures of past Avon Events you’ve attended with a story about that event

3) Share Avon history & trivia. Avon is over 130 years old, there’s plenty to share here!

4) Post images of Avon product Then & Now.

5) Share your Avon childhood memories and ask others if they have any stories to share. You’d be surprised! Avon is very generational.

FRIDAY Themes:

Fragrance Friday / #FragranceFriday

Today is great day to show off your Avon Fragrance!

1) Share your favorite fragrance or a featured fragrance.

2) Share special fragrance offers & sales from the Avon Catalog

3) Offer fragrance tips

4) Host a Fragrance Friday Giveaway

Fashion Friday / #FashionFriday

This is a great day to showcase Avon Fashion! 1) Post a picture of yourself wearing Avon Fashion and use the hashtag #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) 2) Feature Avon Fashion Items that just came out or on sale

Free For Friday / #FreeForFriday

Offer a Free Gift for everyone who makes an Avon purchase on Friday.

Fiver Friday / #FiverFriday

Feature Avon product(s) that are $5 or less

Fundraising Friday / #FundraisingFriday

Host a small fundraiser and offer a percentage of your Friday Avon sales to a local charity, non-profit or personal cause.

Fan Friday #FanFriday

Fan Friday is a day to highlight your customers and your services!

1) Feature a customer of the week or month and ask them to share why they are a Fans of Avon

2) Offer a Customer Appreciation giveaway

3) Post a customer Testimonial whether they are complimenting your Avon Services or an Avon Product.

Friday Favorites #FridayFavorites

1) List Five Favorite Items from the current Avon Campaign

2) Share your favorite beauty hack or tip

3) Post a review on 1 Avon Favorite you can’t live without


Selfie Saturday / #SelfieSaturday

Post a picture of yourself wearing or using any Avon product

Sample Saturday / #SampleSaturday

Offer a free Sample to everyone who makes an Avon purchase on Saturday

Saturday Swag / #SaturdaySwag

Share your Avon Lifestyle!

1) Post behind the scenes pictures of yourself working your Avon business.

2) Post pictures of yourself Attending special Avon events

3) Post pictures of you out & about wearing Avon Fashion and / or Makeup like for a date night, or shopping at the mall etc.

I hope these ideas have inspired you and stirred up some excitement on what to post, and for a handy printable version of this guide just click the link below!

Download A Printable Version ​Here

Share How to Acheive Your Avon Goals

If you found these tips helpful feel free to Comment, Like, and Share with other Avon Reps who might find this helpful.

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