​Hey Online Beauty Bosses!In this How-To we’ll be talking about two Facebook features that could help you with your Avon Business. The first feature I just discovered recently and the other I’ve been using for a while but noticed Facebook improved it.Facebook has a tendency to make updates and add new tools without ever announcing them leaving it up to us to discover them.

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​Two Facebook Features Every Avon Rep Should Know About

This video has been edited from a previous Facebook Live over at the OnlineBeautyBosses facebook Group.

​I’m sure you’ve all been there, you’re poking around Facebook and all of sudden you stumble across something new that you never noticed before! It pops right out at you!

It can be so exciting especially when it’s something you can see yourself actually using!
Well, the other night that’s exactly what happened to me when I came across a new feature that apparently has been around since May 2018 but it was my first time ever hearing about it!

New Facebook Features

Facebook Feature #1: Facebook Units

​Some of you may already know about Facebook Units and already using this tool, but I suspect the majority of us have no idea about this feature. So I thought I’d share with you all because it has so much potential and I got really excited when I came across it!

Facebook Units

​I knew right away Facebook Units would be helpful in the Online Beauty Bosses group for our Online How-To’s and I think you’ll also find them useful if you implement the feature in your own groups.

So, What Is Facebook Units?

What is Facebook Units

Organize Your Content With Facebook Units!

​In Facebook groups when new posts are added the older posts get pushed down making it difficult to find them. Unfortunately, important posts that members could find helpful also get pushed down and the older they are the further down they’ll go!But with Facebook Units you can organize old & new posts alike so they can be found easily and read in the order intended.This is especially helpful if you have a series of posts covering a topic that you would like new group members to view.

Now your members can easily access the series and read the posts in order, so they make more since.Here’s an example of how useful Facebook Units can be!

Facebook Units For Avon Leadership

​Let’s say you’re in Leadership and you have a Facebook Group for your Avon Team. You have a series of training posts & videos about “How To Manage Your Avon Business”, and you also post “Selling & Recruiting Tips”.

With Facebook Units you can categorize all these posts into three separate UNITS.

Unit 1 - Managing Your Avon Business

Unit 2 - Selling Tips

Unit 3 - Recruiting Tips

Now all your training posts are easily accessible to your team members and all you have to do is direct them to the “Units Tab” for training.

Facebook Units Tab

​Facebook Units can also be helpful if you have a Facebook Group for your Avon Customers. You could create a Unit for Makeup Tutorials and another for Avon Product How-Tos. 

Facebook Units for Avon Customers

​The possibilities here are only limited to your creativity!

For more details about Facebook Units and how to set this feature up just watch the Video at the top of the page.

Facebook Feature #2

Facebook Ads

​Now the next Facebook feature we’re going to talk about might help you if you’ve been using or thinking about using Facebook Ads.

Not too long ago Avon opened up the opportunity for us Avon Reps to use Facebook Ads . As long as the ad is within a 100 mile radius of our residence your Avon posts can be boosted to help reach more people and get more views.

This should have been exciting news but I’ve noticed in other groups Avon Reps were sharing their frustration because their Facebook Ads weren’t being approved or the views were lower than expected.Well, you may not know this but Facebook has 20/80 Rule!

Facebook 80/20 rule

​With Facebook's 20% Rule they prefer no more than 20% text on an image. So if your image has a lot of text on it Facebook may not approve the ad. Or if it is approved, the ad may not get as many views.

To work around this, Facebook has a tool that will check the image/text ratio to see if it’s less than 20% text. This tool is called the Facebook Image Text Checker!

Facebook Image Text Checker

​I’ve actually been using this tool for some time now but recently it was updated so now it’s a lot easier to use. Before the update it was a little harder to use so when I came across this new version it was a welcomed improvement.

To use Facebook’s Text Checker all you have to do is visit the following link:

Facebook Image Text Checker Url

. . . then click the upload button to load your image. Once your image is loaded Facebook will analyze the image to let you know it’s score. There are four ratings your image can get.

Facebook Text Checker Score

If the Text Score is:

Score: HIGH
More than likely your add won’t be approved.

The ad might be approved but the reach will be much lower.

Score: LOW
Facebook will approve the ad but the reach will be slightly less than normal.

Score: OK
Your Good To Go! Your ad will run normally.
Facebook Image Text Checker Ok Score

​Now keep in mind, even if your score is OK and your Facebook Ad is approved if you don’t get good results it just may be the ad itself.

So evaluate it and think about what would catch your attention and make you click if you saw an advertisement for Avon. Then use that as a starting point.

For more details on how to use the Facebook Text Image Tool view the video at the top of the page.

Well, I hope you found these two Facebook features helpful and if you have already been using these tools for your own Avon Business or were inspired to start using them feel free to share in the comments. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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