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If you’re new to Avon Online Sales you may have noticed they work much different than your traditional sales. It’s a whole different process so it can get a bit confusing when you’re trying to track sales, especially when you’re trying to make a campaign goal.

So in this How-To we’ll go over the following:

  1. How to Track you online orders
  2. When online commissions are received, and most importantly
  3. When You get paid.

Watch this video for complete details on The 3 Stages of Your Avon Online Sales

The following video was edited from a previous Facebook Live presented in the Online Beauty Bosses Group.

The info on this page is just a brief overview of the 3 Stages To Your Avon Online Sales.  For complete details and steps on how to track and where to find the reports just watch the above video.

Stage One of your Avon Online Sales

Stage one of Avon Online Sales

In this first stage, your customer submits their order at your Avon Online Store and Avon notifies you of the order two different ways.

Avon REAL TIME Online Orders REPORT-2

1) Through the “Real Time” Direct Delivery Report

You can find this report over at Your AvonNow dashboard under the “Web Office” tab.


This report isn’t exactly “real time” as it updates about every hour rather than by minute, but it’s still very helpful for knowing how many online sales have come in for the day. Especially when a first time online customer contacts you asking if their order went through. All you have to do is wait a bit and if you don’t see it within the next couple of hours you can assume the order didn’t go thru. Also, as your growing your online sales it’s always fun to check this report and see the number increase throughout the day!

2) By the Daily Email Report

Avon REAL-TIME Online sales -REPORT

In addition to the “real time” report over at YourAvon.com, Avon will also email you a daily list of online sales that came in for that day. They typically come in sometime after 12 midnight the next day. In this email Avon makes it a point to mention the following:

“ Your customer's order will ship within two (2) business days. Once an order is shipped, your account will be updated with Award Sales and Earnings. These can be reviewed in the Direct Delivery Earnings Report found on the 'My Orders' tab in the Reports section. Also, remember...all direct delivery orders contribute to your overall order size for determining your campaign earnings on your face-to-face sales! “

So keep this in mind. These reports are only notifying you the online order(s) came in. You’re Avon Account hasn’t received the commission for these sales yet.

Stage 2: Order Ships & Award Sales & Commissions are Posted.

Stage of Avon Online Sales

In this stage, when the customer’s order has shipped, Avon will post the sale to your account and also credit the commission to your account. You can verify when and which orders have posted by checking the “Direct Delivery Orders” report over at your Avon Dashboard. This report can be found under the “Orders” tab.

Avon Direct Delivery Actvity

With this report you can view all the online orders that have been posted to your account. You can access them by Date or by Campaign.

If you’re trying to meet a sales goal sometimes tracking online orders can be a bit difficult but with this report you’ll get a good idea where you stand at the end of a campaign if you select the “View By Campaign” report. This will display all the orders that count for that campaign.

One thing to keep in mind if your trying to track your online sales to meet a sales goal, if an order comes in at the end of the campaign it may not post for that campaign! If the order ships after the campaign closes, it will post for the following campaign.

Here’s an example:
In the image below, all the orders highlighted in yellow actually came in during Campaign 19, which ran from August 22 to September 4th. Because these orders came in at the end of the campaign, by the time they shipped Campaign 20 was already underway so those orders counted toward my Campaign 20 Sales Awards.


For Goal Tracking this is a good thing to know so by the end of the campaign you’ll know which orders will count for your campaign. You’ll also want to add your face to face sales to this amount so you can get a good idea where you stand as the campaign comes to a close.

Stage 3: Getting Paid By Avon

Avon Online Order Payment

In this stage all your hard work and efforts are rewarded! Avon will issue your online sales commission initially as a credit to your account. This credit will be used to help pay for the balance of your regular orders first. If after your regular order balance is paid and you still have credit remaining from your online orders Avon will pay either through Direct Deposit or with a Pre-Paid Debit Card.

You have the option to choose which way you’d like Avon to pay you. To select your option just go to the “My Account” tab at the top right of the YourAvon.com screen and select
“Get Paid By Avon”

Get Paid By Avon

Getting Paid by Direct Deposit

The first option is by Direct Deposit. To choose this option just select the “Through Direct Deposit” link and Avon will ask you for your bank information. Avon will issue your payment directly to you bank and mail you a copy of the deposit check.

Avon Direct Deposit

Getting Paid by Debit Card

Avon Debit Card

Update On Avon PrePaid Card: March 2020:  ​

The Debit Card option is no longer available as mentioned in the above video.

If you don't ​set up Direct Deposit, Avon will issue a credit to your Avon Rep Account which can be used the next time you place an order thru your Avon Now Dashboard

UPDATE On Pay Period:  January 2019 

As of January 2019 Avon announce Rapid Pay which is a new, faster way to get paid for online orders.
With Rapid Pay ​when  Avon ships the onilne order, your commission will be deposited into your bank account.

For details on this just visit the Avon link here: Rapid Pay just visit this link

Ok, Online Beauty Bosses, I hope this helps clear up the mystery of your Online Commissions and you have a better idea on how to track them for your sales goals. 

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