How to Use Facebook As Your Avon Blog!


​One of the most common questions I hear from other Avon Reps looking to grow their online presence is, “How do I start a Blog?” then followed with, “It’s all so confusing to me! I don’t even know where to start!”

I totally get it! When it comes to setting up a blog, all the techie stuff can get super overwhelming. Especially when all you want to do is be creative and start writing!

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​How to Use Facebook As Your Avon Blog!

This video has been edited from a previous Facebook Live over at the OnlineBeautyBosses facebook Group.

Well, you may not know this but you do have an easier alternative, and in my opinion it could be the next best thing to blogging! It’s literally a few clicks away, there’s no techie setup, you can add images, videos, links and headlines just like a blog, and you can start creating in a matter of minutes!

On top of that, unlike a blog where you have to find ways to get traffic, you more than likely already have an audience!

Sounds too good to be true? Well you’re actually looking at it right now! Yes, I’m talking about Facebook Notes! I’ve been using Notes for the Online Beauty Bosses Page for some time now. 


I started using this feature because it was super simple and a quick way to get the word out since I didn’t have time to set up a blog.

So if the idea of setting up a blog makes your head spin or you just haven’t had the time to get to it, then using #FacebookNotes as a blogging alternative could be your answer!

Think about it, you already have an audience in Facebook and your Note will automatically be seen in their Facebook Feed for free!

Surprisingly Facebook Notes isn’t a new feature, it’s been around for a long time but the features have really improved!

Facebook Notes can be used on personal Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups.

​Steps to Creating Your First Facebook Note!

​First come up with a interesting title and enter it in the Title area and then upload a Cover Image.


​For best results the title image should be 1200 pixels wide by 445 pixels high. Using an imaging editor like Pixlr or Pizap will make it easier to create an image with those dimensions.


Start Writing!

So now this is the fun part! What Avon topics can you think of to write about? I can think of all sorts of things! You could talk about:

  • the current Avon Brochure sales and featured items
  • Avon Product reviews
  • How to Choose & How to Use a product
  • Common Questions about an Avon product
  • Avon Stories or Customer Testimonials

It’s all up to you!  Share your expertise just as if you were sharing face to face with an Avon Customer.

Tip: For more ideas on what to write about checkout the Online Beauty Bosses

"Avon Social Media Planner”

How To Add An Image To Your Note


Just hover your mouse over the “Plus Sign” and click Photo to add an image or Embed to add a video. For more details on how to embed a video just watch the above video.

How To Add A YouTube Video To Your Note


To embed a YouTube video you’ll need to use the following link. Just swap out the "AddVideoIDHere" text for the actual YouTube Video ID. More details about embedding video on Facebook Noted can found in the video above.

Just copy the link below and add your Video ID where shown

Format Your Text And Add Links


To format your text just highlight the text, click the ¶ symbol and it will open a menu to add Headlines, Bullets, Quotes and even HTML. To make your text bold, italics, or add a link click your mouse to highlight the text and another menu will open up.

How To Save Your Work For Later


​To save your work just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save” button. Then later when you’re ready to continue just go back to the Notes Section on your Personal Profile or Page, click “Draft” and click on the note. That will open up the Note so you can edit it.


Publish Your Note and Share!

Once you’ve created your Facebook Note make sure to set it to PUBLIC and publish! You can share your public Note onto your Personal Profile, or Business Pages & Groups. Keep in mind Facebook Notes created within “closed groups” can only be shared among your group members.

To share your Facebook Note outside of Facebook just copy the URL and paste it into the post at other Social Media sites , an email, twitter, or any other place. With this method you may need to upload an image as the link may not automatically pull one up like it does in a Facebook post. Also using a URL shortener like or will make your link easier to manage when posting outside of Facebook.


And that’s it! You're blogging within a matter of minutes to a built in audience without the blogging headache!

Have fun and if you have questions or comments by all means leave it in the comments area below!

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