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Have you been reluctant to get on video? Or not sure where to start

Well in this Online Beauty Bosses How-To we’re going to talk about getting started on YouTube to help increase your Avon online exposure.

And for those of you who are already working your Avon business with video there’s even something for you as we will go over a couple of more advanced features.

This is the Ultimate Guide so make sure to watch the video for complete step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Watch This Video for complete details on:
How To Start Your Avon YouTube Channel to Grow Your Avon Business

This video has been edited from a previous Facebook Live over at the OnlineBeautyBosses facebook Group.

As this is a long video, below you’ll find the reference point where each topic is covered for easier viewing and reference. Just click the timestamp and it will take you to YouTube to view the video at that point.

Intro (0:00)
Why YouTube is a great business builder

Creating Your YouTube Account (8:06)
Initial setup of your YouTube account and personal channel

Creating Custom Channel Art (14:47)
Tips & resource on how to create your own YouTube channel art

Creating Your Channel Icon (17:50)
How to add your channel profile image

Creating Channel Links (18:47)
How to add custom links to your channel art and YouTube About page

Navigating - (20:44)
How to find your way around YouTube, access your personal channel and YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio (22:36)
Additional settings for final setup to optimize your channel

Other Features (29:49)
Custom Thumbnails & URLs

How to Verify Your Account (35:28)
Doing this will help unlock the above features

Uploading Video & How To Optimize (37:14)
How to upload your video file, create a video description that will help get you found & attract viewers

YouTube Cards (47:06)
Examples and how to create a card to offer video suggestions for more views or create pollsYouTube 

End Screens (53:45)
Examples and how to create an “end screen” to get more subscribers.

How & Where To Share (1:00:34)
Sharing ideas outside the box beyond Facebook and social media.

YouTube 2nd Biggest Search Engine

Did you know YouTube ranks #2 as the most popular search engine on the internet? Google is #1.

So it makes perfect sense as an Online Beauty Boss to get yourself on YouTube if you want to continue growing your Avon Business online.

When you create videos and upload them to YouTube not only will you develop a stronger connection with your customers & team but you’ll also have more opportunities to share your content onto other social media channels including your Avon Online Store.

And that’s the whole idea when it comes to growing your online presence, you want to be EVERYWHERE for more exposure!

When I first started doing video back in 2010 I was only focusing on sales so I used video to communicate with my customers and to also grow my customer base. At first I was using other websites to post my videos because I didn’t know how to use YouTube and I wish a guide like this would have been available. But then later little by little, I figured it out and made the transition to YouTube in 2011.

So to promote my Avon business and get more exposure, every two weeks inline with each new campaign I would create a video featuring the current brochure. I did this for 3 years straight every other week and this really helped grow my online business!

But even though I created a whole bunch of videos, at the same time I was completely terrified of getting in front of the camera so instead, I created slide shows with narration. This helped me to get more comfortable hearing my voice then later I slowly began to get in front of the camera.

These days I’m not doing as many customer videos as before as I’m focusing on other areas of my business but video still plays a big part as I still use it for training and advancing in Avon Leadership. I’m much more comfortable being in front of the camera but I have to tell you it was a real journey! So I hear you and understand when other reps share they’re scared to make the leap into video. But remember:

Just like anything, the more you do, the more comfortable you’ll be and the better you’ll get at it.

So with that said the easiest and less scary way to get started is to first set up your YouTube account. You won’t have to worry about getting in front of the camera just yet and it’s a good first step so you won’t have to do this when you’re ready to upload and share your video. Everything will already be set up and ready to go.

So go ahead and check out the above video and leave your comments below if you found it helpful and if you’ll be trying out theses tips.

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