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Recently in our Facebook Group we took a poll and asked members:

When it comes to Avon Automated Emails . . . How many emails can a customer choose to receive?

Now, a good portion of our Online Beauty Bosses knew the answer but at the same time, a larger group had no idea there was an option! (see results below)

Facebook Survey 1

Now, before I reveal the answer, let me say that Avon Automated Emails are a great feature and if you don’t have this feature turned on as an option for your customers, you really should consider it. They help fill in the gap when you’re not sending out your own personal emails to your customers.

You as a rep can also sign up for Avon emails at your own Online Store as well.  Doing so, you’ll know exactly what emails your customers are receiving from Avon, plus it’s always good to stay in the loop and know what’s going on over at your online Store.

Once a customer opts in, they’ll get emails from Avon on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day.  Some customers love it but others not so much.

With that said, how can we keep our customers happy with the amount of emails they receive so they want to stay on our Avon email list?  Which brings us to the answer to our poll question:

The solution and also the ANSWER to our POLL QUESTION is:

Customers can choose to receive either options. (All, Once a Week, or Once a Month).

Avon Facebook Survey 2

This is really good to know especially when a customer expresses frustration about getting too many emails from Avon because now you can offer them an option.

So rather than sending them to their Avon Account to uncheck the ”Sign Me Up For Emails” box over at your eStore, and losing complete communication with them, you can now let them know they can limit the amount of emails they receive to once a week so they don’t miss out on the Free Shipping offers. Or if once a week is still too much then they can opt in for only once a month.

Here’s how to direct your customers to this option: 

1) Let your customer know all they have to do is click on the “Manage Email Preferences” link at the bottom of their Avon email. (see image above)

2) Once they click the "Email Preferences" link on the email they’ll be taken to a page where they have the option to choose how many emails they would like to receive. (see image above)

All they have to do is select one of the Email Frequency options then click the Save Changes button. That’s it, they’re done, easy enough!

Make sure they don't uncheck the box that has your name as their Representative or the Unsubscribe boxes! Leave these area as it is! Unless of course, they no longer want to receive any email at all. 

And if you want to make it REALLY EASY for your customer, just ask them to “Forward” their Avon email to you so you can do it for them!

Okay, Online Beauty Bosses, I hope that was helpful and feel free to like, share it or a make a comment 

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