A Quick & Simple Guide On How To Create An Avon Facebook Page


Hello Online Beauty Bosses! Here is a very short overview to help you get started on creating your Avon Facebook page so you can get posting ASAP!

More advanced features will be covered later in a future Online Beauty Bosses How To, but the goal for this “How To” and the main thing you should take away from today’s topic is . . .

This Is Not Rocket Science! LOL!


So Take A Deep Breath and know that if you make a mistake YOU WILL NOT BREAK THE INTERNET! I promise.

You’re page might look a little hokey but who cares you can fix it later. Your Avon Facebook page should ALWAYS be a work in progress anyways. As you get more familiar with it all, you’ll want to experiment with new features, customize settings, and continue adding to it, so when customer’s visit they will have an enjoyable experience.

So be patient and enjoy the process, your Facebook Page is going to take time to mature and evolve, and at the same time, so will your skills!

With that said, today we’ll go over the very basic steps you’ll need to get up & running. Let’s get started!!

Step 1: Create the page

At the top right of your Facebook screen, just click on the little upside down arrow and click “Create Page”

Step Two: Choose A Type of Business (Category)


Choosing Local Business or Place is a much easier option so I suggest selecting this.

Remember, your Facebook page is about YOU! You want to brand yourself as “The Go To Avon Rep”!

Selecting the “Brand or Product” option gets complicated, and focusing on your own Avon Rep Services rather then the Avon Company is ideal because on Social Media, People Want To Connect With People, not necessarily a company.

Step 3: Complete Your Business Info


This info must be completed before you can go any further. You must provide your page name, your address and phone number. This is just for account info. You’re address & phone number won’t be public unless you make it public. It can be edited later in the About section, so go ahead and enter all the required info, it’s all good!

Step 4: Congrats! Your Page is Created!

Now let’s add the details that will make your page unique!


Once you get to this screen, Facebook basically walks you through the process! All You need to do is follow the steps: Each Facebook step is clickable so just hover your mouse on the highlighted areas shown in the image above on your Facebook page.

  1. Add A Cover Photo
    That’s the large image at the top of your page. This cover photo can be changed whenever you want so for times sake you can put up a temporary image and then create a nice custom one later.

  2. Add A Profile Picture
    Just like on your personal profile, this is pretty straight forward and can also be changed whenever you like.

  3. Create A Username
    This will be your @Name which is unique to your page only. It can be the name of your page or something else. Just try to make it interesting and not to long so it will be easy to remember when people are searching for you. If the name you want to use has been taken you won’t be able to use it and will have to come up with another.

  4. Add a Short Description
    If you can’t think of anything to say right now just skip and come back later. You can edit the Description by clicking the About link on the left side of your page

You Can Stop Now and Save The Rest For Later!

You now have the bones of your page created! It’s completely functional and you can start posting!

Now of course you’ll want to go back later and continue working on the additional settings, but it doesn’t have to be done all in one day. There are so many features, getting your page exactly the way you want will take some time, so give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far and admire what you have already accomplished!

Now . . . For You Over Achievers

If you’re on a roll, by all means keep going!


Just click on the “See ALL Page Tips” link and Facebook will walk you thru More Steps to continue setting up your page.

Some tips in this area you’ve already completed like the Cover Photo, & Username. You can pick and choose whatever you want to complete but don’t stress if you don’t complete all the steps here. As mentioned, in a future Online Beauty Bosses How To we will go deeper into the more advanced features.

Facebook Page Settings ????? STOP!

This is suppose to be a Quick & Easy Guide!!


The Settings link over at the top right of the page, when clicked, can be SUPER OVERWHELMING! So don’t worry about it for now. You can click it to explore the area but it isn’t necessary to take this on just yet.

Leaving the settings as they are is fine. You can come back to it later when you’re more familiar with your page and have more confidence.

As mentioned, just by completing the few steps we’ve gone over is more than enough for now to get you up and running!

How To Access Your Facebook Page


When you’re ready to come back and edit your page or add a post, just click the same little upside arrow at the top right of your screen and you should see it your page there.

Or it may have been added to your Shortcuts over at the left side of your Home screen (where you see your Friend Feed). If you don’t see it in your Shortcuts don’t worry about we’ll go over that later.

Editing Your Page Name, Contact Info, Etc.


If you need to change your Facebook Page Name, Username, add or change your Contact Info, or Page Description just click the About link on the lift hand side of the page. There you’ll find the “Edit” links to make those changes.

Have Fun Online Beauty Bosses!

When you find yourself getting stressed out or frustrated just take a break and come back later. Your brand new Facebook page will be waiting!

Remember, it’s only hard if you make it hard! So take your time and trust yourself that you can do this!

Get into the Online Beauty Boss Zone & Get Creative!

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