How To Add A Coupon Code To Your Avon Links


Hey Online Beauty Bosses, have you ever heard about “The Three Click Rule” ?

Well back in the “older internet days” the Three Click Rule rule basically suggested that website visitors should be able to find what they need within three clicks!

The gest of this rule is based on the idea that visitors would lose interest and leave the site if they had to click through too many pages of content just to find what they’re looking for. Although this is an “old school” rule that doesn’t always apply now, the idea of keeping it simple for customers never gets outdated.

So, for me, I always send my customers directly to the Avon product page to make sure when they click my link they get to exactly where they need to be.

Sending your customers anywhere else, such as your Avon home page expecting them to find the product themselves could be asking too much and you could potentially lose a sale.

So try to make it easy for your online customers, send them directly to your Avon Product pages, and for an even better customer experience you can add an Avon Coupon Code to their Shopping Cart so they don’t have to do that either!

Let’s Cover The Basics First!

Sending your customers to a specific product page over at your Avon eStore is super easy. You’re basically copying and pasting the web address!

Make sure you are at your own Avon eStore, then navigate to the product page you want to share. Once you’re at the page you want to share just select the link and copy!

  1. Select or Highlight the URL (web address) at the top of the page

​2. Copy the link


​Copy the URL of the Avon product page

​When you copy the page link make sure you see your Avon eStore ID or Avon Account Number at the end of the link (see examples). This will guarantee your customers are sent directly to your eStore so when they make a purchase you get the credit.


​Make sure you are at your own Avon eStore. Your link should have your Avon eStore I.D.


Edit youYour Avon eStore ID Can Be Either Your eStore Name or Avon Account Number.r caption text here

FYI: You can link to just about ANY PAGE at your Avon eStore! Whether it’s a Category page, Brochure page, Skin Advisor page or even search results from a custom search, as long as you see this snippet of code at the end of the url your customers will be directed to Your eStore!

Taking Your Avon Links to the Next Level!

Another thing you can do to help make your customer’s online shopping experience even easier is to add a coupon code to their Avon shopping cart automatically so they don’t have to enter it themselves.

How to Add A Coupon Code To Your Avon Links!

Doing this is also super easy! All you need to do is add the following short snippet of code at the end of the url we talked about earlier and it will automatically populate the Coupon Box in your customers Shopping Cart.



How easy it that! But it makes all the difference for your customers!

Now one thing to keep in mind, before sharing any link with your customers always make sure to test it first. The current New Customer promo codes WELCOME10 and the RA25## codes haven't been activating unless you're logged in.

I've noticed the codes that have been working lately are the ones that are unlimited use and have an expiration date. So just keep in mind, Avon is always changing their website so what may work today may not in the future.

Making Your Links Pretty and Easy to Manage

Now depending on what page of your eStore you’re sending customers to, the link might be long and not look very attractive.

For instance, let’s say you want to send customers to check out the sale for Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream. Look how long this link is! And when you add the Free Shipping Code the link gets even longer!

Now that’s not a pretty link!


To make the link shorter all you need to do is use a link shortener like, or .

Buffer and Hoot Suite have their own link shorteners built in so you can use those as well if you have an account with them.

So go ahead and try copying a link from your eStore and look for your eStore ID, then try adding a coupon code to the end of it. Test the link and see if it works by checking your Avon Shopping Bag! If your cart is empty you won’t see your coupon code in the coupon box until you add a product to your bag. 

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