Happy New Year Online Beauty Bosses! 

Are you excited about the New Year? We have a fresh new calendar ahead of us and just like a blank canvas, this New Year has the potential for so many great things!

It’s all up to you, and what you want to do with your fresh New Year! How about using this year to launch yourself closer to your big dream?

As the New Year begins, setting goals for yourself more than likely has crossed your mind so let’s talk about those goals. What do you have in mind?


Are you CONNECTED ENOUGH to that goal to motivate you through the long haul, even when you get discouraged or hit a road block?

Or are they so small & boring they’ll be abandoned no sooner than February starts?

This year, why not challenge yourself to DREAM BIG? Really BIG! Think about what and where you want to be 5, 10 years from now! EVEN if that big scary goal seems impossible now.

Because, though you may not have the means or skills to achieve that dream today (that’s why it’s a dream), by making a plan and working on it, not only will each step bring you closer but the journey will help you develop new skills, bring new confidence, and in the long run make you happier!

To help you make a plan, I created a few planners (Year, Monthly, Weekly & Daily) to help break down your big goal into bite sized manageable tasks throughout the year.

Breaking down your Big Scary Goal into bite sized yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals will help keep you on task and your eye on the target. 

How to achevie your Avon goals

To start, you’ll be working with the Yearly Planner first. Just download the files and follow the steps below for best results.

STEP ONE: Complete the Yearly Planner First! (Download Here)

1) ​  Dare To Dream Big Section
​Think about what you’d like to achieve with your Avon Business! 

2)   What That Means To Me Section
​As you complete this section really try to connect with your goal. How will achieving this Big Goal change your life? Think of the positive outcome for yourself, for your family, life style, how you’ll feel accomplishing this goal, etc.

3)   Challenges I’ll Face Section
​This section will help you identify the obstacles you may face. Not to overwhelm you, but to prepare you so you can make plans on how to overcome them.

4)   This Year’s Goals Section
​In this section think about the challenges you wrote down and list the general steps you can take to help overcome these challenges.  Even if it’s a small step towards a big challenge. There are 12 check boxes, each box can represent a month that you’ll work on for that goal.

STEP TWO: Complete The Monthly Planner (Download Here)

1) ​  Top Goals Section
​From the Yearly Planner select one of the goals you wrote down and focus on that specific goal for the month as one of your Top Goals. You can also add additional smaller goals to the list but mainly try to focus on starting your main goal.

2)   My Plan Section
​Think about how you’ll go about working closer to this month’s goal. What can you do to get started?

3)   To Do Section
​Break your plan down. List the steps you’ll need to take to execute this plan. 

STEP THREE: Complete The Weekly Planner: (Download Here)

1)   Days of the Week
Section From your Monthly plan start breaking down the To Do list into smaller tasks for each day. What tasks or skills will be required to move you closer to this months goal.

2)   Other Sections
In addition to that, think about your Avon Sales & Leadership goals for the week as well. 

STEP FOUR: Complete The Daily Planner: (Download Here)

1)   Three Avon Goals Today Section
From your Weekly Planner, select the goal you entered for each specific day and focus on the three things you can do to accomplish that goal.

2) Other Sections of the Daily Planner
On your Daily To Do lists use them to help you complete your three goals for the day and any Avon tasks.

As your working on your plan remember to give yourself enough time to achieve your goals.

Sometimes we can get so excited about what we want to accomplish, we underestimate the amount of time it will take to get to the next level.

So be patient and give yourself some time, so you don’t get discourage and you can enjoy the journey.

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