Hey Online Beauty Bosses! In this How To we’re going to talk about blogging and how to set up your very first Avon blog.

You may have thought about blogging but maybe the idea of setting one up has kept you from getting on board. Or maybe you’ve looked into it but just didn’t understand the steps needed to get started.

Well today in this “How-To” I’m going to make it easy and by the time you get through with this tutorial you’ll be up and running with a brand new beautiful blog. 

Your finished product will look similar to the image below.  You’ll be able to choose your own colors as well as a different cover image so it will look different but we’ll be using the same theme so the layout will look the same.

Avon Blog Example

I’ve done all the research and hard work for you. I’ve took note of the steps needed to take so you won’t have to spend hours figuring it out yourself. From finding the best hosting company to even finding a a simple but elegant theme, all you have to do is plugin your info and think about what you want to write about! You could easily be done within a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

Now before we get started I want to fully disclose I’ll be sharing my BlueHost referral link. This link will take you directly to the sponsored Blue Host page where you can set up your WordPress Hosting account.  This “How To” will save you many hours from trying to figure all this stuff out yourself, so if you find that valuable and plan on following the steps provided to create your own Avon Blog, then here is my referral link to get you started: Click To Get Started!

Just think of it as a small token of appreciation for the time put into creating this “How-To” for you.

Ok, with that said, let’s get started!

Avon Bog Checklist

Download Your 10 Step Checklist here!

To get your Avon Blog up and running, we’ll be working off my demo site the BeautyBossBlog and going through several steps. To make it easier, I created a checklist you can use while you’re going through the 10 Step Setup.  You can take notes and use it as a reference as your setting up your own blog.

In the following videos well go over:

  1. How to Set up your Blue Host Account
  2. How to create your blog domain name.
  3. How to complete the Blue Host WordPress EZ Set Up
  4. How to connect Plug-ins to enhance your site.
  5. How to connect your Social Media Accounts to your blog
  6. How to create your site menu (Navigation)
  7. How to install your blog theme
  8. How to Create your first page
  9. How to create your first blog post
  10. How to launch your blog to make it public

As you can see we’ll be going to cover a lot! But if you block out some time to complete these steps you’ll be up and running in a couple of hours, if not sooner! So have fun creating and if you need to take a break and come back later you can always start where you left off.

Intro: Why Have An Avon Blog?

In this Intro video we’ll go over in more detail what a blog is and the benefits of having a blog and why this 10 Step method is so easy!

STEP ONE: Setting up your Hosting Account

In Step #1 you’ll select and create your hosting account. This step is important as the hosting company will make all the difference on how easy it is to set up your blog.

STEP TWO: How to create your blog domain name.

In Step #2 you’ll choose your domain name for your blog and complete the hosting account set up.

STEP THREE:  How to complete the Blue Host EZ Set Up

In Step #3 we go thru the Easy WordPress Walk Thru to complete the blog set up, you’ll create your user profile and learn how to log into your WordPress blog

SIDE NOTE:  How to find your way around your WordPress blog

Before we move on to Step #4 we take a quick minute to go over how to navigate around Word Press.

STEP FOUR:  How to Setup Plug-ins to enhance your site.

In Step #4 we’ll connect your JetPack plugin to add more functionality and to keep it running fast.

STEP FIVE:  How to connect your Social Media Accounts to your blog

In Step #5 we’ll connect your social media accounts so you and others can share your awesome blog!

STEP SIX:  How to create your site menu (Navigation)

In Step #6 we’ll go over how to create your blog categories (topics) and and your blog's main menu.

STEP SEVEN:  How to install your blog theme

In Step #7 you’ll learn where to locate free themes within WordPress, how to select a theme and how to customize it.

STEP EIGHT:   How to Create your first page

In Step #8 we’ll go over how to create your first blog page and how to use Word Press building blocks!

STEP NINE:  How to create your first blog post

In Step #9 we'll cover how to create your first easy blog post.

STEP TEN:  You’re ready to launch!

Woohoo! You did it! In Step 10 all your effort pays off as we officially launch your new Avon blog so you can share your awesomeness with the world!

Share Your Awesomeness!

If you were inspired by this How To, followed all these steps and actually created your very first Avon Blog, I’d love to see it! Please share your new Avon blog over at the Online Beauty Bosses Facebook Group!   
*Make sure to mention you followed this guide so we know it isn't a "random self-promoting post"

Ok, Online Beauty Bosses! I hope you found this How-To helpful and you’ve been inspired to take the next step in building your online presence.

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