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This was a previous post in our Online Beauty Bosses Group but I thought I would share it outside of the group as other Avon reps might find it helpful.

Some of you may already know about the following features, but continue reading as you might discover something NEW that you may find useful!​


If a customer were to ask for help with their online order would you be able to accommodate?

If you’re looking to grow your online sales through your Avon eStore then getting familiar with the tools and features your Avon eStore has to offer is a must. Knowing so will help you offer the best customer service possible so customers can complete their order and have a great shopping experience.


If you haven’t already, try placing an order through your Avon Online Store. 

​Set up an account as if you were a customer, opt-in for Avon emails so you can get the exact emails your customers get and go through the process of placing an order.Pay attention to the whole process from selecting your products, adding them to your shopping bag and submitting your order.You’ll also want to get familiar with the emails Avon sends you regarding your Order and Shipping Confirmations. Doing so will help you know exactly what your customers are experiencing during and after the order process.

Avon Online Store Tools and Tips

​With that said, here are a few tips and tools your eStore has available. Some of these you may already be familiar with but for the newer Reps in our group you may find this helpful.

Track Orders 

HOw to Track Avon Online Orders

​Did you know you can track a customer’s order with Avon’s Tracking tool? You can find it at the bottom of each page over at your eStore.All you need is your customer’s Order Number and Email Address.Once you enter the info you can get their order status and shipping info along with the tracking number if it already shipped.You can also view the items ordered, grand total and if a customer used a promo code.

Easy Returns with Prepaid Return Label

Avon Online Shipping Info

​This feature can be found under the Shipping Information link at the bottom of each eStore page. Just click the link and scroll down to the “Returns” section.

If an online customer requests a return, first give Avon a call to confirm the product needs to be sent back to Avon before a refund is issued.Most online retailers require the customer to pay for the return shipping so your customers should understand this isn’t out of the ordinary.


​Once it’s established the item needs to be shipped back, you or your customer can use this tool to print out the return label. If you complete the form for your customer, you can then email them the label to print out.

Back Order From One Campaign


Just like our traditional orders, customers can back order from one campaign back using Avon’s Shop By Product Number feature.  All they have to do is:

1) Select the Campaign #
2) Enter the product #
3) Enter the Quantity
4) Click the pink “Add To Bag” button.

This is a great way to compare prices so your customer can get the best price available.
You can find the “Product #” link at the top right of every page. 

Customer Quizzes


​Avon has two quizzes that will help your customers find the best product for their needs.The Anew Skin Care Advisor https://www.avon.com/skinadvisorEspira Vitamin Finder Quiz
https://www.avon.com/category/health-wellness/vitamin-finder-quizYou can also use it yourself as a consultation tool. Just ask your customers the questions from the quiz then print out the results to a .pdf file (Acrobat reader) and email it to them.

Avon Search Tool

Avon Online Search Feature

​This may be obvious, but many of my own customers often overlook this simple but effective feature.If you need to find a specific product you can enter the product number in the Avon Search box. You can also enter a general term if your customer is asking for suggestions like a face mask for instance. Just enter “face mask” in the search box and Avon will find all the masks available for that campaign.

Once you have the results you can copy the link and send the search results page to your customer.

Avon Online Brochure

​This may also be obvious but again a very effective feature and one of your most powerful eTools. Your customers can view your Avon eBrochure right from your eStore anytime, anywhere!It’s mobile friendly and sharing your eBrochure link is s a great way to reach out to your customers letting them know the new Avon brochure is out.

Click Here for tips on How To Share Your Avon eBrochure Online

Online Customers Can Get A Free Brochure

Avon Online Brochure

​Did you know your online customers can get a Free Avon Catalog with their order? It doesn’t matter how much they spend but they do have to request it. They can add a free brochure to their order by clicking on the “View Bag” button.If your customer by passes the “View Bag” button and goes straight to the “Check Out” they won’t be able to add the brochure.

Avon Brochure Request

​Another thing to keep in mind they must have at least one item in their shopping bag in order to add the free brochure.

Avon Online Store Shopping Policies

Avon Online Shopping Policy

​In addition to the six tips, as mentioned earlier, knowing your Avon eStore better than your online customers is super important. You’ll also want to make sure to visit the Shopping & Shipping Policies over at your eStore as well, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when it comes to shipping, returns and submitting orders.

The Shopping and Shipping Information links can be found at the bottom of every page at your eStore. 

Click here for more Tips on Online Customer Service

You’ll also want to make it a habit to stop by your eStore often to check out what’s new. Remember this is your store! You have to know what’s going on before your customers do.Ok, Online Beauty Bosses, have fun exploring your eStore and remember the more you know, the more your business will grow.

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