​Hello Online Beauty Bosses! A common question that comes up often, and you may have even asked this yourself is,  “How Can I Get Avon Customers To Find Me Online?

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How To Get Listed On Google As The Local Avon Rep

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​This is such a broad question and other than the most obvious answers by Setting up your Avon eStore and Social Media accounts there are actually lots of other ways to be found online as well.In fact taking advantage of every opportunity you can give yourself for most exposure, the better, as it will all add up in the long run.

Internet Blue Ocean

​Think of it this way, the internet is a big, big ocean and your little Avon eStore is like a tiny minnow in a huge sea of Bigger Fish.So the more you can build your online presence, the bigger fish you’ll become!In addition to that, sticking with our fish analogy if your Avon eStore is a tiny little fish in a huge ocean of other fish, how are you going to stand out so you can get noticed?

Be A Big Fish in Local Area Search

​One way is to swim in a smaller pond! That smaller pond is your own neighborhood and to do this you can start by using Google My Business.Creating a listing in Google My Business will increase your chances of being found online!


​Google My Business is free to use and can be used by anyone who is in business for themselves regardless if it’s online or offline.In fact, if keeping up with the whole social media and online thing is too overwhelming for you, if you don’t do anything else, you should at least set up a local online listing so you can be found locally!

Here’s How Google My Business Works:

Your Listing in Google Local Search

​Whenever someone in your area does a local search for an Avon Representative Google will use their IP Address (Internet Provider) to find the most relevant local listing.If you’re in Google’s business listing your name should come up!

Google My Business Listing

​Google My Business listings vary on how it will look in the search results and depends on a couple of factors:  1) How the search is entered and 2) whether or not the person is signed into their Google account  (if they have one). 

With that considered, your listing could come up like any of the above displays but most listings typically come up as the Map Listing #1.

Google My Business Features:

​With Google My Business you can add Photos, Video, Special Offers, as well as your Website, Blog or Avon eStore address. Customers can also text, call or email you right from your listing.Google also offers a free simple website so you can create a welcome page.Taking advantage of all the features Google My Business has to offer and making your listing as complete as possible will also improve your chances for first billing!

How To Set Up Your Google My Business Listing:


​Just search for "Google My Business"To set up your local listing just do a quick search for “Google My Business” to find the Google Business page . From there you can follow the prompts to sign up.

Verify Your Google My Business Address

​Now one thing to keep in mind when setting up your listing, Google will ask you to enter your address. Entering your address is required because Google needs to verify your location.

Without an address you won’t be able to create a listing.

Many reps shy away from this step and stop at this point because they’re afraid to have their home address show up publicly.  This is completely understandable but you will have the option to hide your address on your listing.  All you have to do is click the boxes that say “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” and the “Hide My Address” as shown in the image above. For more info about this option you can visit this link.

Once you set up your account, Google will send a postcard to the address you entered with instructions on how to verify your business. Once you verify your business you can log in and edit your account.  For more details on how to edit your account just watch the above video in the beginning of this “How To”.

Google Insights:

Google My Business Insights

​Now that you have your Google Business listing up and running you can check how it’s doing with Google Insights.This feature will show you how many times your listing has come up in a search, how many times people have viewed it and if there has been any interaction.As you’re going over your results, don’t be discouraged if you not getting tons of traffic.This is just one of many ways to be found online, and even if you have 10 people who viewed your listing, that’s 10 more than what you would have had if you weren’t listed.As mentioned earlier, anything you can do to grow your online presence, big or small will all add up in the long run.

Google Advertising and Promoting Offers

​Another thing to keep in mind, as you’re creating your listing and viewing your Google Insights, throughout the Google Business dashboard you will run across prompts and messages to “Get More Customers”,  “Get More Views” or “Advertise in Minutes”.

Though it may be tempting to click these, just ignore them so you can stay in compliance with Avon Guidelines.

Well that’s it for now, I hope this sheds some light on Google My Business and inspires you to get found locally!

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