How to Boost Your Avon Black Friday Online Holiday Sales!


Hello Online Beauty Bosses!

We’re on the home stretch! The Holiday Selling Season is literally upon us and if there was any time of year to be an Online Beauty Boss and push your Avon Online Store now would be the time. Especially with Black Friday just a couple days away.

Here are some stats from 2018:

★ Online sales Black Friday jumped 23.6 percent from a year ago, according to a new report from Adobe Analytics.

★ The Friday after Thanksgiving this year was also the first day in history to see more than $2 billion in sales stemming from smartphones.

★ Cyber Monday sales online are expected to set a new record of $7.8 billion, up nearly 18 percent from last year.

Source: CNBC

Watch This Video for complete details on:
An Avon Black Friday Roadmap For More Online Sales

This video has been edited from a previous Facebook Live over at the OnlineBeautyBosses facebook Group.

So what does that mean for us Avon Reps?

That means there’s no better time to prep your Online Store and do everything you can to get in on the Black Friday frenzy!

Over the years Avon has done an excellent job offering amazing Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday deals.  With Free Shipping, Discounts, and Free Gifts, it’s a great time for online customers to shop your Online Store and also for you to invite your offline customers to shop online!!


Example of a previous Avon Black Friday promotion

Not only will they get Free Shipping but in the past Avon has also offered a 20% discount along Free Gifts when online shoppers make a minimum purchase.

You’ll get full commission on their discounted purchase and unlike face to face sales,  the free gift won’t come out of your pocket!   So taking advantage of these offers is a great way to boost your end of year sales, and will also get your customers excited about purchasing through your Avon Online Store! 

Since I’ve been selling Avon Online, my Black Friday sales have grown over time, from just a handful of sales back in 2011, to now it being one of my most active sales day of the year.

Now granted I have a large base of online customers but whether you have lots of online customers, a handful, or no customers at all, if you’re willing to make that final holiday push then following the steps below could help. Whether, you want to increase your sales from last year or get your very first online order.

Your Black Friday Roadmap To Boost Your Avon Holiday Sales!


Are You Ready To Roll Up Your Sleeves And Get To work?! 

If so, the next couple of day’s you’re going to be busy!  But if you follow these steps it’s going to be all worth it!

And you won’t be alone, I’ll be right there with you completing these tasks as well because these are the things I DO every year to help boost my holiday sales. 


For a Social Media Timeline and to help keep track of your tasks of what and when to post you can Download the Online Beauty Bosses Black Friday Holiday Checklist Here.

You can also check out the Online Beauty Bosses Resource List over in our Facebook group under files for apps & services that will help make some of these tasks easier.

Things To Do The Weekend & Days Before Thanksgiving

Task #1: Customize Your Avon Online Store (if you haven’t already) 


If you’re a New Avon Rep, or you haven’t gotten around to it, make sure your Online Store is customized and ready to welcome your online visitors.  

Source: Avon Webinar - How To Customize Your Avon eStore

Task #2: Sign up for Avon Customer Emails

If you haven’t already, go to your Avon Online Store and sign up for your own Avon emails just as you would if you were a customer.  This will keep you in the loop for all the Special Offers Avon will be sending to your customers during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday week. Check your email daily.

Task #3: Create Blog Posts or Facebook Notes


If you have a blog you’ll want to create three different blog posts.  If you don’t have a blog then using Facebook Notes is the next best alternative.  Make sure to keep your FB Note in draft mode, don’t publish until it's time to post (see the Online Beauty Bosses Black Friday Holiday Checklist).

#1 Blog Post or FB Note : Highlight Your Current Avon Campaign Catalog
Create a blog post or Facebook Note that highlights the campaign you’ll be in during the Thanksgiving weekend. Go over the great holiday gifts and any special offers found in that campaign. Include images and links to your Avon Online Store and product pages.

#2 Blog Post or FB Note : Special Holiday Offers Post
In this post talk about all the great promotions going on during Thanksgiving week.  Make sure to include links to your Online Store.

As the week continues make sure to check your Online Store daily for any new offers and updates. You’ll want to edit your blog post or Facebook Notes accordingly.

#3 Blog Post or FB Note : Holiday Giveaway or Personal Incentive Post
In this post you’re going to announce a holiday giveaway or Personal Incentive. It can be exclusively for customers who make a purchase during the 5 day holiday stretch, or on a specific day, it’s really all up to you! Give a detailed description of the prize or offer and its benefits.


Task #4: Make A Video . . . or Two . . . or Three

These videos will basically cover the same details as the blog posts you created. Keep them short and to the point as possible, as views tend to drop off within the first 2 minutes of viewing!

If you don’t have time or don’t want to make three individual videos you can combine them into one video but remember the more videos you have to post and share, the more exposure you’ll have.

Also, creating “regular videos” rather than Facebook Live videos will help free up your time if you’re going to be busy during the Thanksgiving weekend and don’t want to go Live during that time.

Once you’ve created your videos, upload them to YouTube with links to your eStore in the video description area.

You’ll also want to include them on the 3 related blog posts or Facebook Notes you created earlier.

Resource: How To Add Your Own Video To Your Avon eStore

Task #5: Create Your Own Holiday Graphics & Gifs

These images will be used for individual posts on your social media accounts. The more unique they are the better! You want to stand out among the rest of us during this time! Show your individuality, the more authentic you are the more your customers will connect with you. Resource: How To Animate Your Avon Images!

To Do List for Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How-To Share-Your-Avon-Online-Black-Friday-Offers

For more online exposure make sure to post to all your Social Media channels and link back to your Avon Online Store

Task #1: Post! Post! Post!

Post to every Social Media site you know.  The more accounts you have to post on the better as your content will get more exposure!

This is how you’re going to get the word out! Using Avon Social or other scheduling app will help free up your time so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family!

Task #2: Email / Text Your List


Sign up for Avon automated emails as your own customer at online store

If over the past couple of months you’ve been building your personal email list as suggested, you’re list will play a significant part in getting the word out about your special holiday offers.  You’ll be contacting them throughout the week keeping them updated on timelines and special offers.


Promote Your Avon Online Special Offers To OFFLINE Customers!

Share With Offline Customers

Download the flyer to your drive first before customizing

Now this is one task I haven’t done as all my marketing is done online but I realize there may be Reps out there who are brand new with few or no customers or who might not have any online customers. So this section is especially for you! 

And for everyone else by all means you’re welcome to follow these offline ideas too. In fact you’ll want to notify all your offline customers to invite them to shop online!

1) Make Flyers
Invite all your offline customers to shop online for the free shipping, 20% discount and gift. Insert the flyer in ALL Your Catalogs.  Download Flyer Here 

2) Promote Your Holiday Giveaway
Let your Face to Face Customers & Potential Customers know when they place an online order they’ll be entered into your Holiday Giveaway.

Resource: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Avon Online Giveaways

3) Offer A Special Incentive
When they place an online order on a specific day.  You could give them a sample bundle, free gift, Avon Calendar, etc.  Whatever your budget can afford.

Resource: How To Increase Your Avon Customer Base For Online Sales

4) Check Out the Files Section over at the Online Beauty Bosses Facebook Group

For more offline ideas check out the “Files Section” for tips on how to promote offline during the holidays. You can modify the flyers by adding your eStore address and inviting people to shop online.

Some of the holiday tips & flyers in the group Files section have been shared by other Avon Representative. They’ve been shared in various Facebook groups and in Avon meetings but I thought I would share them to help trigger additional ideas. Just modify the info to apply to your eStore. 

Important Info Regarding Avon Online Special Offers!


When you invite customers to shop online make sure they understand how the special offers work. So you might want to add a note with instructions.

1) Free Shipping
Enter the Free Shipping promo code to your Avon Shopping Bag. Must meet minimum purchase requirement.

2) 20% Discount
Your 20% Discount plus Free Shipping will be applied automatically once your order reaches $45.

3) Free Gift Offers
Your Free gift will be added to your Avon Shopping cart automatically, after the 20% discount has been applied and your order reaches the $65 minimum. 

4) Before submitting your order
Please make sure the offer you qualify for has been applied to your shopping cart (Free Shipping, 20% Discount, and Free Gift). If you don't see the offers please make sure you've met the minimum purchase required for each, and the coupon code has been added to the "Enter Coupon Code" box at checkout.

Holiday Returns & Customer Service

On another note during the holidays when people are rushed, stressed out, or simply don’t read directions you may get calls from your online customers regarding returns and customer service issues. For tips on How To Handle Online Customer Issues check out the link below:

Resource: Tips for Avon Online Customer Returns and Other Online Customer Service Issues

Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck!

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