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How to Use Facebook As Your Avon Blog!


​One of the most common questions I hear from other Avon Reps looking to grow their online presence is, “How do I start a Blog?” then followed with, “It’s all so confusing to me! I don’t even know where to start!” I totally get it! When it comes to setting up a blog, all the techie […]

How To Animate Your Avon Images!

How To Animate Avon Images

Want to take your images to the next level and get your customers attention?How about posting your very own custom Gifs!So what exactly is a gif? It’s simply an image file that supports animated images. Simply put a .gif is sort of like a slide show. Gifs have become very popular on social media because the […]

How To Add A Coupon Code To Your Avon Links


Hey Online Beauty Bosses, have you ever heard about “The Three Click Rule” ?Well back in the “older internet days” the Three Click Rule rule basically suggested that website visitors should be able to find what they need within three clicks! The gest of this rule is based on the idea that visitors would lose interest […]